To use the payment module for the Magento platform, it is mandatory that the runtime environment has the following components:

  1. Magento version min. 2.x
  2. 3. Installation files downloaded from: or composer program on your server
  3. PHP server version min 5.6

The module was built and tested on Magento 2.2 version

Credit cards activation

Configure access to credit cards using tips from this article, with following URL addresses:

  • On field “notification URL” type:
    where „” should be changed to your shop domain.
  • Return URLs are optional because our payment module provides them automatically in production mode. In this fields you can type for ex:

Manual installation

  1. Unpack the archive to disk. After unpacking, the "tpaycom" folder should be created.
  2. Send the "tpaycom" folder and its contents to the app / code directory of your Magento store. If the "code" folder does not exist, you should make one.
  3. After uploading the files, finish the installation from the console by typing the following commands
php bin/magento module:enable tpaycom_magento2cards  
php bin/magento setup:upgrade​

 Composer installation

  1. At main Magento installation folder, type the following command to download module:

    composer require tpaycom/magento2cards
  2. Type the following commands to enable the module:
php bin/magento module:enable tpaycom_magento2cards
php bin/magento setup:upgrade


  1. Go to store configuration tab Stores->Configuration.
  2. Navigate to payment settings tab in Sales -> Payment Methods.
  3. Choose from the list and fill in required settings.
  4. Configure the following options:
    • Active – Choose “Yes”
    • Description – The payment gateway description shown on checkout page
    • API key – the generated API key in chapter 2.
    • API password – API key password.
    • Verification code – generated verification code.
    • RSA key – The public key generated after checking “securesale” checkbox on chapter 2.
    • Multi-Currency MID type – Determines whether your Elavon MID is EDCC or Multi-Currency type. If your MID is EDCC type, the card gateway will be available only for PLN currency.
    • Hash type – hashing algorithm is chosen in merchant panel in chapter 2.
    • Enable credit card saving - allow users to save their credit cards for later use (logged users only)
    • All or allowed countries – allows you to determine specific countries availability.
    • Allowed countries – List of countries for which card payment gateway is to be available
    • Minimal amount for method - Minimum amount of payment for which the gateway will be available
    • Maximal amount for method – Maximum amount of money for which the gateway will be available

Flushing Magento cache

After installing and configuring our payment gateway you should flush all Magento cache. Go to System->Cache Management tab and click on "flush static files cache".

Then in the top right corner, you have to select "Flush Magento Cache"


Online refunds (production mode only)

You can create online refunds from order details view at Magento administration panel.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to Invoices tab and click on details of automatically generated invoice
  2. Choose "Credit Memo" option
  3. Fill in refund details and click on "Refund".