To install the module you will need:

  1. PHP server at least 5.6 version
  2. PrestaShop 1.6 or 1.7
  3. PLN currency available (for online bank transfers)



  1. Download module on your hard drive and log into Presta admin panel
  2. Navigate to modules and select add new module
  3. Choose downloaded file and press upload
  4. Navigate to modules, find Tpay module and click install


In a moment you will receive successful installation notification


  1. After install go to module configuration



  1. Download module on your hard drive and log into Presta admin panel
  2. Navigate to Improve ->Modules->Modules&Services and select upload the module
  3. Select the downloaded file and click open



  1. User ID: Your merchant ID in system
  2. Security code is available at Merchant Panel under Settings->Notifications->security tab
  3. Other settings are optional and depend on your specific requirements
  4. Click on Save button

Blik level 0 settings:

  1. API Key – This is generated key at Merchant Panel under settings->api tab. This key needs to have „Transaction” access granted
  2. API Password – this is a password to generated API key


The last step is to clear shop cache. Navigate to Advanced Parameters->performance tab


Chooce „Force compilation” and Cache „No”


Now click on „Clear cache” at the top right side of window.


Now create an order, "pay" for it in test mode and see if everything works fine.

After those steps, navigate back to cache settings and set

Force compilation „No”

Cache: „Yes”


  1. Please follow this article to activate your API access and configure it having this tpis in mind:
  • On field “notification URL” type: 
    where „” should be changed to your shop domain.
  • Return URLs are optional because our payment module provides them automatically in production mode. In this fields you can type for ex:
    where „” should be changed to your shop domain.



At module settings fill in:

  1. API key – the generated API key in chapter 2.
  2. API password – API key password.
  3. Verification code – generated verification code.
  4. RSA key – The public key generated after checking “securesale” checkbox on chapter 2.
  5. Multi-Currency MID type – Determines whether your Elavon MID is EDCC or Multi-Currency type. If your MID is EDCC type, the card gateway will be available only for PLN currency.
  6. Hash type – hashing algorithm chosen in merchant panel in chapter 2.

Complete the remaining data according to the configuration recommended in the hints.

This module allows you to configure up to 10 different accesses.


EXAMPLES OF ADVANCED CONFIGURATION website has PLN currency, while sells in USD and EUR. In this case, you can connect first account with EDCC, by unchecking the option "Multi-currency MID type" and entering in the configuration domain and second multi-currency account, by selecting the option "Multi-currency MID type", entering the address https: // You can add more accounts as further MIDs, if for each currency where the settlement is to be 1:1, ie without currency conversion. Then, in the configuration of each MID, enter the currency to which it is to be used.

Please note the / (slash sign) at the end of the address in most cases its addition is necessary to correctly display the payment gateway.