I can not pay with my credit card - no 3DSecure

The 3D Secure standard was created in order to protect the transaction against payment by an unauthorized credit card and additional authentication of its holder. Thanks to this, you can even more securely pay with your debit or credit card - in online stores.

What is 3D Secure?

It is a free card payment security on the internet. It consists in confirming the selected transaction with an SMS password or logging in to the bank. The password will be sent to the phone number associated with your account bank.

How does a transaction covered by the 3D Secure standard run?

After selecting from your list or entering your credit card details, you will be redirected to your bank's 3DS gateway, where you will be asked to authorize the card. Authorize your card by entering the received SMS code or logging in to your account - depending on the bank and settings.

After correct 3DS authorization, the amount of available funds and the limit of one-off payment with the card will be automatically checked. If everything is fine, your funds will be transferred to the seller and the payment will be correctly approved.

What should I do if my card does not have 3D Secure?

In this situation, please log in to your bank account and check the possibility of activating this mechanism in the configuration settings of your payment card. Activation of this service is always free and runs instantly. If your bank does not provide the possibility of activating 3DS from the client's panel, please contact the bank's customer service.

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