Is it possible to make refunds directly from the account, to the people who made the payment?

If the transaction has been correctly and the funds are in your account at, you have two options to return money using our system.

After logging in to the Merchant's Payments Panel in the Menu> Transactions> Browse tab, going into the details of a given transaction you can:

  1. Return of the entire amount. In this case, the whole amount paid will be sent to the payer's account and the transaction will change the status to "refunded"
  2. Refund of any amount. In this situation, you can send any amount to be refunded, however, it can not exceed the transaction amount by more than PLN 50. The transaction will keep the "correct" status

The cost of return depends on your offer. If you do not have adequate funds in our system, you will not be able to refund.

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