Do I need to add new IP addresses to the notifications?

Yes, all notification IP addresses need to be updated. Mulitple IP addresses allow us to provide you with full redundancy in case of data center failure. Make changes depending on your integration with

Changes should be made depending on your integration with 

  • Ready shop module - please make sure that it is updated to the latest version. At the moment, all shop modules are available at the address.
    Downloading and installing such a module ensures automatic handling of changes.
  • Ready hosting platform - please make sure that the platform belongs to one of our partners listed on the website. In this case, no interference from your side is required. Otherwise, please contact the developers of such a platform.
  • Author's integration - it will be necessary to add current IP addresses to the list of accepted addresses.

The current list of IP addresses for notifications is available in our technical documentation.

We also share them bellow: - this address will be deprecated in 2018
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