For card transactions we receive an error message 9 - processing error.

Error "9" means that the payment could not be made, but it is not related to a lack of funds or other problem with the customer card, but to one of the systems involved in the payment process, for example when there is a problem with communication with the Elavon servers.

In addition, if you are using presale and sale requests, please note that if you do:

  • for the "presale" request there is any mistake, it never means that the customer's card has been rejected (presale only assumes a transaction in the system, does not actually sell). Thus, if the error in the verse of the presale method should not be blocked the account of the Payer in the Recipient's Payment system (especially in case of error "9").
  • for the "sale" request there is an error "9", that was an error while processing the payment, but it is not an error related to the card's rejection by the bank. If the card is rejected by the bank, we return the appropriate status and information about the reason for the rejection (most often "51", ie no funds).


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