Google Analytics conversion counting at Prestashop

The PrestaShop module has been modified to use the conversion mechanism of the dedicated Google Analytics for Prestashop module when a customer is redirected to the success page after payment. At this place, there can be also called another modules which use hook "displayOrderConfirmation". The conversion is calculated once, at the moment of redirection from the transaction panel and does not take place again after refreshing the success page.

To correctly count the conversion, all you need is a correctly configured GA module and Tpay module installed at version 1.5.1 or higher.
If there are problems with order tracking in your store, first make sure that you currently have the "Tpay" module installed in the "Payments, gateways, operators" section of the list of Prestashop modules.

The newest module version you can always find at shop-integration

You can check the correctness of e-commerce conversion counting by using the Google Chrome extension - Google Tag Assistant, which, running on the payment success page, should indicate Event Transaction:

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