To use a card gateway, your server should have a valid SSL or TLS certificate. You must have a valid contract with Elavon and a MID assigned to generate access to the card API.

Then contact customer service to activate access to the card API

  1. To generate API access, go to the merchant panel and select "card transactions" -> "API".
  2. Click on generate button:
  3. Assign new API password and check „I would like to use the secure sale method”. After saving, your RSA key will be displayed on the same page.
  4. In the field “notification URL”, enter the link to which our system will send notifications about paid transactions to update your order’s status. For example:
  5. If you use dedicated payment module, fields "positive return ULR" and "negative return URL" addresses are optional, because our modules send them dynamically for each transaction. In this place, you can type for example:
    If you create your own integration, you can choose to declare static addresses or send them dynamically for all transactions. Sending those addresses dynamically, it will overwrite those declared at merchant panel.
  6. Click save to confirm the configured access.

First, our technical department activates access in test mode. After testing, please contact us again to activate the production mode.