How to generate a transaction in other currencies?

We have several possibilities of accepting payments in a different currency than PLN:

  1. The most effective solution to accept payments in other currencies and to have prices in a shop in a currency other than PLN is to integrate payment cards via the API, which allows you to charge 1:1 funds and generate transactions in any currency. To start this type of payment the following articles will be useful:
  2. In the basic integration, which takes place by sending a form to or API, the "create" method is available in the SEPA Euro Payment channel. This channel is dedicated to making international transfers in a currency other than PLN. After the customer has been selected, the transaction amount converted into EUR and other data to be transferred, such as BIC and SWIFT will be displayed. Additionally, in the "create" method, set the variable "group" to 148th in Merchant Panel, the amount of transaction will be visible in PLN because of all transactions in the Transaction Panel are generated for the PLN currency.





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