Problem with integration - "Request parameters are invalid"

  1. In the case where you use online shop with dedicated payment module, for example, Prestashop, Woocommerce, Shoplo, IAI etc. :
    • Please check that you fill correctly settings in administration panel in your shop. In settings payments you should set merchant ID (login for Merchant Panel) and security code.  Merchants mostly fill security code wrong and put in this place, for example, a Merchant Panel password.
  2. In the case of using an own integration with
    • Please check that along with required the transaction data (like amount, description, id) is sent parameter md5sum and its value is correct. Md5sum should be generated from values ID+amount+CRC+security code exactly in this order.  Example of generating md5sum in PHP:
$md5sum = md5($id . $kwota . $crc . $code);​

     More information about md5sum you can find in technical documentation

Please notice, that security code isn't a password to Merchant Panel. Security code is available in Merchant Panel on page Settings-> notifications -> Security.

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