Order has been set to declined but transaction has been paid correctly

In ready to use shop modules from Tpay.com, each payment notification is carefully checked before interacting with the order in the store.

The situation in which despite the correct payment of the transaction, the order status in the store has not changed or has been changed to an incorrect one can occur when:

  • The transaction has been paid with underpayment or overpayment and the transaction amount does not match order amount,
  • The result address has been incorrectly configured. In the Merchant Panel - in the Settings-> Notifications-> Resulting URL tab, the option "allow overwriting" -> "Yes" should be selected. Changing this setting to another may result in the inability to send a notification to the store or attempt to send it to the wrong address.
  • The server on which the store is installed communicates via a proxy such as CloudFlare and overwrites the original IP address of the Tpay.com server. In this situation, you should test the notification activity with the "My server uses a proxy" option enabled in most plugins or try to restore the original address when using a proxy.
  • Another error occurred that caused the notification to be rejected

Our plugins provide full logging of all incoming transaction notifications, and occurring errors, in the "log" file located in the Tpay PHP libraries folder on the server.

In various modules such a file can be found in:

  • PrestaShop: modules\tpay\tpayLibs\src\
  • Woocommerce wp-content\Plugins\Woocommerce-transferujpl-payment-gateway\includes\lib\src\

After downloading this file, you can read the error information and correctly adapt the settings to the module operation.

For example, the information in the log file "Request is not from secure server" means overwriting an IP address or attempting to hack by third parties. After verification, you must adapt your proxy to do not overwrite the original IP address. The alternative is to set the option "My server uses a proxy" to "Yes", in the module settings but we do not recommend this solution.

An amount conflict may be due to the configuration of accepting overpayments or underpayments in the account settings of the Tpay.com merchant. These settings can be disabled in the Merchant Panel, under the Settings-> Transactions tab.

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