What if the online shop owner changes?

When the owner of the online store changes, we can offer two solutions:

  • account assignment to Tpay.com
  • setting up a new account on our website.

For the assignment, it is necessary to send the documents of the previous and new owners, such as identification documents of the company's representatives and an extract from the register of undertakings, proper for your country. We will prepare an assignment and we will send it to the address indicated by you. The assignment document should then be signed and sent back to us. Tpay.com account details will be changed.

In case of setting up a new account at our service, the online store should be switched to a new account. If the old account had preferential commission rates, please inform us in order to transfer them to the new account.

In both cases, remember to assign the domain and change the company's data on the website.

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