• 3D Secure

    3-D Secure is a standard for securing transactions by identifying the cardholder using an additional, usually one-time password generated by a token or a text message.

    Tpay.com verifies each card for 3D Secure security.

  • API

    Application programming interface, defined as a strictly defined set of rules and their descriptions, in which computer programs communicate with each other. An API is defined at the source code level for software components such as applications, libraries or operating system. The purpose of the API is to provide the appropriate specifications for the sub-programmes, data structures, object classes and required communication protocols.


  • BIN

    BIN (ang. Bank Identification Number) the first 6 digits in the payment card number, allowing to identify the type of card, the bank issuing the card and the payment organisation which issued the card.

  • Budowanie odnośnika płatności

    A feature that allows you to create a link where your customer can pay at Tpay.com. This doesn't require additional system implementation, so such a link can be sent e.g. by e-mail. Once built, the payments link is multiple.

    Instructions on how to build a payments link can be found at the address.

  • Cashback

    Payout cash by the POS (ang. point of sale) terminal.

  • Chargeback

    The type of refund for a payment card transaction carried by Elavon initiated by the client when the consumer was not satisfied with the products or services he had paid for, there was a technical error in the settlement of the transaction or the transaction was a fraud.

  • CRC

    An auxiliary parameter to identify the transaction on the merchant side, up to 128 characters. After the transaction is completed, it is returned as parameter tr_crc.

  • CVC2

    CVC2 (Card Verification Code 2) 3-digit code shortcut for verifying remote MO/TO (mail order / telephone order) transactions on MasterCard cards. This code is located on the back of the card next to the signature bar. This code is used to verify online payment card transactions. This code should not be published to third parties.

    Tpay. com verifies each card for CVC2 security.

  • CVV2

    CVV2 (Card Verification Value 2) the shortcut of the 3-digits code name used to verify that the person using the payment card is the valid owner. For Visa Electron and Visa Gold cards, this code is located on the back of the card. Y

    Tpay.com verifies each card for CVV2 security.

  • DCC

    The service is available for Visa and MasterCard card owners, enabling payment in foreign currency.

  • e-commerce

    E-commerce is a commercial activity in the Internet. It uses various electronic devices (from a computer to a smartphone) to make purchases or sell on the Internet. The most popular example of it are Internet shops.

  • Emitent

    Card issuer, usually a bank, and sometimes a direct payment organization e.g. Visa, MasterCard.


  • EPO

    After receiving and accounting the payment, Tpay.com generates a confirmation of receipt of payment, the so-called Electronic Payment Confirmation (EPO) sent to the e-mail address of the seller and the buyer.

  • eprzelew

    online payment, but without automatic redirection to the bank. At Tpay.com, you can enter these data with a single click using the browser add-on. 

  • etransfer

    payment method, in which after logging into the bank by the Payer all data for transfer are automatically supplemented by the Bank, which were sent by Tpay.com

  • Fraud

    A transaction that has been contested by bank - an issuer of a card, or e. g. Elavon or Tpay.com, which has been executed by a person other than the card holder, e. g. purchases for a stolen or falsified card.

  • IKO

    The Bank PKO BP application enables fast and secures mobile payments. It gives an opportunity to make online shopping using the "I pay with IKO" service. This channel is available in the Merchant Panel automatically, without additional integration.

  • iMerchantConnect

    A web service that allows you to manage payments made with payment cards. Access to it is granted to a customer who has successfully passed the verification process.

  • Instalment payments

    Online installments are processed in cooperation with Alior Bank. They are available for purchases between 300 and 9 259 PLN.

    For our Merchant, we provide an installment calculator, to be placed on the store's website.

    This channel is available in the Merchant Panel automatically, without any additional integration (it is displayed only for transactions between 300 and 9 259 PLN).

  • Mass Payment

    The product, used by merchant's, where it is necessary to transfer money to many customers. With this functionality, it is possible to order up to 500 bank transfers at the same time, by means of a CSV file previously uploaded to the Merchant Panel.