Why seller has not received funds from my wire transfer

In some cases the payment can be booked longer than expected or not booked at all:

  1. The payment was made by:
    • international payment method (SEPA) and the payment has not yet been received on our account or the transfer title has been changed by the intermediary bank. If you are waiting for more than 4-5 business days - please, for verification, send a confirmation of the transfer made along with the payment title via our contact form https://tpay.com/en/contact/contact-form
    • the leaflet channel - In this case, the transfer is not posted immediately after accepting the money by a post office. It takes up to 3 business days because it is an external transfer.
    • external transfer - instead of making a transfer within the same bank you chose a different bank than the one in which you have an account. In this case, the time of transfer can take up to 24 business hours.
  2. Payment was made with the wrong title
    If you have changed the payment title given in our transaction panel and eg instead of TR-ABC-12345678X you made a transfer "for shoes", it is waiting for manual verification.
    Please let us know if the funds are to be returned or forwarded to the intended Recipient as a transaction generated with the correct title. You will receive an appropriate notification of the connection of the incorrect payment.
  3. The transaction was not posted by your bank because the authorization process was not completed, eg there were no funds on the account, no SMS confirming the transfer or instead of sending a transfer, it was sent to the "basket" in the bank and awaiting approval.
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