Why do I not receive transaction emails?

Please make sure that your e-mail address is correct in the Merchant Panel, which is located in Menu -> Settings-> Notifications, in the Email Notifications section. The address can also be sent in transaction parameters in the "result_email"parameter. Please note that you will overwrite the address in the POP.
If you want to add more than one e-mail address in the "result_email" parameter, you should enter it after the comma, It does not use spaces (e. g. [email protected],[email protected])
Then check if the message has been sent to Spam on your mail server (check the Spam or/and Junk folders).


Please also add the IP address and incoming mail addresses to the whitelist:

  • (from .48 to .55)
  • and also for IPv6 support: 

and domains:

  • tpay.com
  • transferuj.pl
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