How can you integrate transactions refunds via API ?

Returns must be carried out via the API, which Seller will need to generate access to in our Merchant Panel. For this purpose, an article may be useful: How to generate basic API access?

The transaction can be returned using two methods: "transaction" and "any". The first one allows you to return the entire transaction, the second one to any amount.

According to our documentation, please send (eg Curl) parameters appropriate for the given method to the address


key - API access key
method - API method selected.

It also belongs to every call send api_password as the parameter that is password for access to the api key.

In the Returns API, the key parameter is the transaction title, which is sent after each transaction to the address defined as result_url and returned in the create API method.

A detailed description of the refund method can be found in our technical documentation.

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