Problem with the certificate on

Due to the security of the services provided, our websites are protected by current certificates. However, there may be a situation where your antivirus program in the default settings can take action before which our websites are protected.

Such situations may apply to the following programs:

  • Arcabit:

The Arcabit program includes scanning of pages with the https protocol. It most likely substitutes the TLS certificate used by our site. In turn, the website has security features detecting this substitution, as this is an action that could be used to steal confidential data. Please add our website to the exceptions in the settings of the antivirus program or contact the technical support of its creators.

  • AVG:

The avg program substitutes some page certificates to scan their contents. Our site is protected against this type of activity because it is a method that could also be used to extort data.
The program page describes how to add a page to exclusions. In this case, please add and
Additionally, please make sure that the system date and time are set correctly.

  • Kaspersky:

The program, after enabling the encrypted connections scan option, replaces TLS certificates with its own.
Our site is protected against this type of activities because the swapping of the certificate could also be used to spy data for phishing.
In this situation, please disable this option by entering additional settings -> network-> scanning of encrypted connections.



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