I paid for a transaction with underpayment - why did the Merchant not record my payment?

If you paid a lower amount, our system detected an incorrect transaction and you received an e-mail with information about the need for additional payment.

In this situation, you have the following options:

  1. If you want to complete the payment and transfer to the Seller the full amount of the transaction, please make the payment in accordance with the instructions sent in the email about the need for additional payment. Important! Payment titles are a one-time supplement title is different than the original payment!
  2. If the lower amount results from earlier arrangements, please contact the Seller directly, who has the option to accept the transaction so paid, because the Tpay.com is not able to mark the transaction with underpayment as correct.
  3. If you decide to return a transaction with underpayment, please contact our Customer Service Office at the email address [email protected]. If you want a refund of an international transfer or made at the post office, please provide full bank details to make a refund of the overpayment, because sometimes we only have the details of an intermediary bank account.


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